Carpe Diem Artisan e-Lixirs Invites you to Get Creative!!!

Welcome to our first blog post!! With the launch of the website just a few short hours away, we are finishing all of our last minute items and most importantly- hammering out the details of a HUGE contest we will be launching for all of you awesome fans!! 

Over the past two weeks since our launch at VCCPA, we have had an overwhelming request for T-shirts and tank tops that we had on at the convention. Well- we have heard you loud and clear! What better way to provide them, than with the opportunity to win BIG!?! 

Tonight we will be launching our very first "Carpe Diem e-Lixirs Creative Photo Contest" 

Here's how it works:

1. Order your tank top or T-shirt from our web page (we will give everyone 3 days to get their orders in to be able to receive the shipment in time to participate) Contest entries will be judged on July 14th

2. Once your receive your awesome new gear, get those brain cells working! We want you to go all out! Get creative and take the most awesome and creative photo you can with your new shirt and vape gear. Carpe Diem logo must be showing, and most of all, you must be VAPING (or have something in your photo related to the vape community) All photos accepted, (please keep the nudes for your man/woman at home).

3.Submit them to our Facebook page. Please submit them onto the main news-feed. We will be compiling them into an album and a few  our crew will be judging all photo entries together on July 16th. This will give everyone plenty of time to receive their shirts and get shooting!!!

4. HAVE FUN!! 

Now for the fun part!! The prizes!!

**** 1st place winner will be receiving 3 months of FREE vaping from Carpe Diem Artisan e-Lixirs!! Each month,for the next 3 months, you will be hooked up with $50 worth of free e-liquid of your choice from our line! Your choice of bottle size and flavor. Awesome right? Well that is not all- how does being a vape celebrity sound?? Your photo will be featured front page on our website for one whole month with a short feature about YOU and your vape journey!

****2nd place winner will receive their choice of ANY flavor in 120 ml bottle

**** 3rd place winner will receive their choice of any 30 ml bottle

ALL photos entered will be used at the discretion of Carpe Diem Artisan e-Lixirs to use for promotion on their webpage in the future. If you are not OK with that, please let us know.  We are all about serving our customers and would love to feature your stories on our page periodically, so this won't be the last of a contest like this! 

Have fun and please let us know if you have any questions!! #SeizetheLifeVapingHasGivenYou